Welcome to Forward Projects
Project Management and Business Consultants

Forward Projects is a project management and business consultancy.

Established in October 2007 as an independent project management consultancy, we provide our clients with a range of project management services, including scope definition, planning, risk management, stakeholder management, commercial management and cost management.  

Our experience base covers a range of customer organisations from general construction, nuclear, offshore and petrochemical industries.  Often there is a common theme; the projects operate in a highly regulated and safety conscious business environment.

With a record of safely delivering projects on budget, to schedule and meeting the required quality expectations, our consultants have developed an enviable reputation in managing challenging projects under adverse technical, stakeholder and regulatory conditions.  

Through understanding our customers’ strategic objectives,  collaborative working and drawing on innovative thinking, our consultants have delivered results that bring financial efficiencies and positive benefits to the ‘bottom line’.

Exceeding our customer needs and requirements has ensured continuity of business through recommendation and testimony.

The following sections of this web site set out an overview of our company vision and values, its service provision and examples of past projects.  

We hope this will be of interest, and should you wish to enquire further about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Forward Projects