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Project Management and Business Consultants

Stakeholder and Expectation Management

Stakeholders are defined as entities or individuals that can reasonably be expected to be significantly affected by the organisation’s activities, products and/or services.  Stakeholders actions can reasonably be expected to affect the ability of the organisation to successfully implement its strategies and achieve its objectives.  This includes entities or individuals whose rights under law or international conventions provide them with legitimate claims vis-à-vis the organisation. 

Not to be underestimated, and its importance is frequently overlooked, Stakeholder management is a backbone service provided by Forward Projects that ensures stakeholders critical to the success of a project are identified early on in the lifecycle of the commission and a stakeholder management plan (SMP) is prepared and agreed with the Project Sponsor to ensure stakeholders are adequately engaged.

Expectation management is part of this service, such that those key stakeholders are informed in a manner that there is no surprise with the outturn of the project and that frequent engagement ensures a favourable response with the end result.

Risk Management

All projects by their very nature are uncertain and therefore risky.  This can be costly and lead to adverse project costs, schedule delays or fail to deliver expectations.  

Risk is inherently tied to the timing and lifecycle of the project because risk probabilities and impacts change over that lifecycle.  Each part of a project lifecycle requires a risk management response from planning, through the bid process, during contract negotiations and thereafter through the life of the project and any subsequent operational phase.  The risk management process needs to be adapted to meet the requirements of each of these different parts of the project lifecycle.  Hence, although each risk management element is typically applied sequentially, it can occur continually, concurrently or iteratively throughout the project lifecycle.

Forward Projects addresses this by adopting active risk management strategies throughout the project lifecycle.  This often involves the use of specialist techniques and industry standard tools to support the process. 


Forward projects can support the planning process from concept and interactive planning workshops, to the delivery of a baseline project schedule through to its ongoing progress update and subsequent change control management.

The schedules are delivered using a number of different industry standard tools, including Microsoft Project and Primavera P6. 

Contract Management

Often either working with our customers own in-house procurement team or with Forward Projects own resource, we can provide a contract management service that starts with the initial consultation and strategy development through to selecting and  approaching the supply chain, selection, interview and award of the contract, management and final closure of the account.

The selection of contract types often depends on whether our customer has their own in-house developed conditions, or use of industry current best practise.  

Cost Management and Reporting

From the initial preparation of a business case to the ongoing development of project costs, review of contractor submissions and ongoing management of costs during the delivery of a contract, the cost management function has a significant function to play and often is linked in to project management techniques to monitor performance through use of Earned Value Analysis.

Reports can be prepared often on a monthly basis that will track the performance of the project and report on any variances from the baseline.  These reports will frequently include an assessment of the current project status, highlights and risks.

Implementation and Construction Management

Some of our project consultants are specialists in implementation in their own right, with considerable experience in delivering projects under challenging circumstance.

To further increase your confidence in our consultants’ ability to understand and deliver success first time, we ensure they all possess recognised engineering qualifications in disciplines including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and control & instrumentation.

All our implementation and construction management consultants are, as a minimum, knowledgeable with CDM regulations and IOSH qualified.

Independent third party reviews

Forward Projects will undertake independent third party reviews of project arrangements to support our customers business in providing another level of assurance that their projects are fundamentally well constructed in accordance to industry current best practice, reviewing the procedures, business case and project management arrangements to maximise the likelihood of project success.  

The process followed is often through an assessment of the procedures being adopted, a ‘deep dive’ of the project management files, and structured interviews with the key project team members and stakeholders.  

The output of the review will often be report based, with clear recommendations where findings suggest other measures may be considered to improve the likely outcome of success.

Project Management and Business Services

Specialist Services

Forward Projects philosophy is to provide an integrated solution for our customers by drawing on the breadth of our capabilities and experience within our company and from our associates that support our business.

Our objective is to seamlessly integrate within your business and deliver your projects profitably.

The range of services extends from:

¬ Business consultancy and GAP analysis

¬ Requirements capture

¬ Business case preparation

¬ Project management

¬ Safety Case management

¬ Stakeholder management

¬ Risk Management

¬ Planning

¬ Contract Management

¬ Cost management and reporting

¬ Implementation and construction management 

¬ Independent third party reviews

A brief description of these services is covered in the headings below.

Business consultancy and GAP analysis

Where our customer has an existing issue or change requirement, Forward Projects have provided front end consultancy services such as Root Cause Analysis or GAP analysis and delivered reports and presentations outlining the analysis conclusions and key recommendations.  This work is often delivered through working with our customers’ team to understand how the issue has manifested itself and through interview techniques, identified trends and patterns that often hide the root cause of the issue.

Forward Projects will present the results of the investigation to the Sponsor and his lead team with a clear plan of action on how the issue may be addressed.  Frequently, Forward Projects is often retained to implement the recommendations and deliver the full consultancy and project managed service.

Requirements Capture

At the beginning of a project, the key to maximising value and reducing the risk of costly scope and schedule overruns lies in requirements management.  Forward Projects takes the basic mandate from the Customer and brings together the right stakeholders to define a clear scope of works.   Once developed to sufficient detail, the scope is presented back to the Customer for agreement, thus minimising abortive work and costs by avoiding the pitfalls of delivering the wrong product or service.

Business Case Preparation

Recent developments in project management and the governance processes within business have elevated the need for sound decision making prior to the commitment of scarce company funds and resources to projects.  The most effective way of managing this is through implementation of a structured project management process with gates combined with a sound business case at each gate clearly defining the costs and benefits of the project and a recommendation either to proceed or abort the project.

Business case preparation is delivered in an unbiased and factual manner, using good industry practice and addressing key areas such as:

¬ The Strategic Business Case – outlines the case for change and addresses why the action is required and the potential benefits

¬ The Economic Case – investigates the options to achieve the desired outcome

¬ The Commercial Case – reviews the different contracting strategies that could be used to deliver the ‘preferred’ option

¬ The Financial Case – investigates the different funding strategies available to deliver the preferred option and examines the overall ‘affordability’ positon

¬ The Management Case – describes the management arrangements that will be put in place to ensure successful delivery of the identified outcomes and benefits

Project Management

Often not recognised until too late, project management provides the ‘glue’ that keeps a project on track and drives the project team to deliver to scope, schedule and cost. Forward Projects can provide experienced project managers with considerable experience of all forms of project and change management, from safety cases to construction on major structures.  

Project management will utilise many of the skills and services described in this section to bring success to any project, scaled to suit the size and risk profile of the project.

Our project management consultants are accredited by a recognised industry body, generally the Association of Project Management (APM) or the Project Management Institute (PMI), and hold appropriate qualifications for their experience and seniority.

Safety Case Management

Focussing on a specialist skill area, Forward Projects has gained considerable experience in the delivery of safety case projects e.g. Period Safety Reviews, and recognises the unique challenges associated with complex issues such as safety cases.  

Indeed, many of the project managers offered by Forward Projects are either experience engineers familiar with working to support safety cases or indeed qualified to author such documents, and therefore understand the fundamental processes and procedures for preparing and seeking approval for such documents.