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Overview of Our Project Experience

Forward Projects has been providing engineering, project management and safety case services to its clients in a variety of industries, but most recently its key focus has been on providing expert project management services to the nuclear industry.

With the significant technical, regulatory and management challenges associated with this industry, Forward Projects has picked up a variety of different types of project  assignments ranging from:

Overview of Our Nuclear Industry Experience

We have been responsible for the implementation of many projects on nuclear licensed sites and we are well versed in the safety culture required of our customers, their operating procedures and the regulatory framework within which the industry operates.  

Our general nuclear project management experience and capability can be summarised below:

We have often been involved in major projects that have had multiple regulator interest, including Office of Civil Nuclear Security, the Nuclear Installation Inspectorate, the Environment Agency and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, where consultation and stakeholder management has played a major factor in the outcome and success of the project. 

Clients of Forward Projects in the nuclear sector include Magnox North, Magnox South and EDF Nuclear Generation

Examples of actual projects successfully delivered for these clients include:

Delivering projects that provide a positive impact to our customers strategy is fundamental to our business strategy.

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